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The sun sends its first rays down to earth. Soon it’s time to get up. First to the fancy bathhouse or to buy some bread rolls at Alpladen? The family decides to have breakfast on the caravan terrace. While the parents go hiking with Wilfried, Jakob heads to the kids’ club. They all meet back at the pool in the afternoon. Jakob enthusiastically says how he built a dam at the creek. Christoph, the father, relaxes in the sauna while mum Johanna treats herself to a massage.

During dinner, a home-cooked affair today, the three of them make plans for the coming days. They arrange trips and hikes. Riding the Bernina Express? Cycling to Lake Constance? Staying on site and enjoying the sun by the pool? Glacier tour or Nenzinger Himmel? Jakob really wants to go riding and take part in the game festival. What about tomorrow? They’ll all go to the family BBQ feast in the evening. The menu sounds very enticing and there’s supposed to be some live music, too.

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