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The unique journey: a ride on the Bernina Express

From glaciers to palm trees with one single train

A trip on the Bernina Express is probably one of the most impressive train rides in the Alps. Ride past the Swiss mountains and glaciers to Italy in a comfortable panoramic wagon on a spectacular route. Taking the Glacier Express to Zermatt is worth it too. We offer regular guided trips.

Inside the Bernina Express

Once a week, the bus accompanied by Wilfried leaves early in the morning from Alpencamping to Chur main station. The drive takes about an hour. Then all fellow travellers board the comfortable panoramic wagon and the approx. 4.5-hour long journey can begin. The train twists upwards to St. Moritz across viaducts, through tunnels and turns, and soon down into the valley to Tirano in Italy. The scenery passes by like in a film: rocks, glaciers, lakes, meadows, villages and then, finally, palm trees. Having arrived down south, passengers can enjoy a spot of duty-free shopping in Livigno. Everyone returns to Alpencamping Nenzing in the evening after a ride across commanding alpine passes.

Bernina Express

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